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Buyers' Specialist

Andrea Thompson
"If we take care of our garden, our neighbors can feel motivated in taking care of their garden as well!"
Each one of us has a mission and a passion in life. Mine, among others, is to help make the world a better place for my kids and future generations. Great accomplishments are done by taking small steps... one person at the time, one family at a time. A home is a sacred place where memories are made and it is with great honor that I will guide you finding your own. If you are looking to buy, sell or invest, I am experienced in the local and international markets. Along with the team, together we can make sure that you will get the top value for your property and investment. I am a Brazilian born American citizen., fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I am a Palm Coast resident and owner of my dream home with my two kids.

21 Utility Drive, Ste. A
Palm Coast, FL 32137
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